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, high schooler Daisuke and his friends are conscripted by ahrv agent Milo. You Are My Sunshine 65m The clubs' rivalries grow more violent as Jax nears his goal of getting samcro out of the gun business once and for all. Hell Followed 45m, while dealing with a badly wounded Cameron Hayes, the club plans retaliation against a rival biker group. What a gentleman: Aaron Chalmers gave Sophie his arm as they strode into the club Stylish: She wore her brunette extensions in a sleek high ponytail and added a bedazzled choker Glamorous: She framed her eyes with a shimmery. Fun Town 48m, the club members take arms to capture an assailant after the daughter of a prominent family is assaulted. Orca Shrugged 46m Jax attempts to pull the club into a new business venture.

Jinn When a girl accidentally releases a jinn in the form of a teenage boy, they learn they've also unleashed an ancient darkness that threatens the world. To Thine Own Self 60m As Jax scrambles to put his affairs in order, Nero handles business with his former crew. Seeds 47m, a new deputy police chief arrives in Charming, and Jax suggests a nonviolent way to throw him off the club's trail. Antibug 22m Crestfallen when her hero Ladybug refuses to heed her advice, Chloé akumatizes into Antibug, an evil twin of Ladybug with identical powers. Wolfsangel 63m Toric attempts to wrest information from Otto, and Galen's ire over Jax's push to stop running guns sparks a bitter feud. Fruit for the Crows 43m As the club deals with the fallout from a death threat made against Tara, Juice contemplates suicide. Authority Vested 49m Jax and the club are challenged as past sins resurface. The Revelator 62m, in the wake of a tragedy, the club must reevaluate its bonds of brotherhood. The Geordie Shore star, 21, called him 'very handsome' and admitted she preferred to date older guys - before offering to 'flash her f*y' and stripping down to just her thong in front of him. Turning and Turning 45m To help his mother, the club and his son, Jax forms an unlikely alliance.

Timebreaker 22m, when anger over a broken watch turns Alix into a time-traveling villain, it's up to Ladybug to return to the past and thwart her plans. When old bones are discovered on the outskirts of Charming, secrets that Clay buried are exhumed, too. Papa's Goods 78m Jax wraps up outstanding matters, ensuring the future of the club and of Wendy and the boys, before finally fulfilling his father's legacy. Giggling with her co-stars Marnie Simpson and Sophie Kasaei as she left her taxi, she came dangerously close to a wardrobe malfunction. Pixelator 22m Rejected by a rock star, an angry fan becomes Pixelator, who traps Parisians in his camera's memory until Cat Noir and Ladybug halt his photo spree. Greensleeves 62m In order to undermine a powerful club enemy, samcro forms an unlikely partnership, and Abel overhears a disturbing admission.

Dorylus 43m The club encounters an unlikely foe when a piece of their business disappears. With the club divided in the wake of Donna's death, Clay sets up a new gun deal with the Irish Republican Army. "She got scared and backed out a police officer said). NS 62m The Russians and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms prove to be obstacles as the club looks to heal old wounds. Based on the popular books; Mark Wahlberg stars. Having fun: The Geordie Shore star appeared to be in great spirits as she stepped out with her raucous castmates for the fourth night of partying in a row. Potlatch 39m With a dwindling gun supply, the club takes extreme measures to procure weapons for a customer. The Bubbler 22m, adrien's best friend, Nino, is akumatized into the Bubbler, a villain who traps adults in bubbles and sends them floating away into the atmosphere. Pooja is alleged to have been a 'supplier' of women to Bajaj for well over a year, and Moni has a job in a beauty parlour.


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In the Shadow of the Moon A Chicago detective leads the hunt for an elusive serial killer whose crimes are timed to the lunar cycle in this sleek sci-fi thriller. Meanwhile, Weston learns the truth about Zobelle's business dealings. Delhi man was 'murdered and robbed by two prostitutes and their lovers' say police. But Chloe Ferry almost revealed more than intended as she stepped out in a perilously plunging khaki bodysuit for a wild night out at Newcastle's TupTup Palace on Thursday. Nightflyers Based on George.R. A Mother's Work 82m While Jax hunts for Tara and his kids, Alvarez and Lin battle the One-Niners, and Gemma lashes out. Did you want something?

The Pharaoh 22m, when a villain with the power of the ancient Egyptian gods wants to sacrifice Alya, Ladybug and Cat Noir must fight an army of mummies to rescue her. John 8:32 63m Jax gives up the IRA in a deal with DA Patterson for immunity, and Clay takes the first steps in his prison escape plan. Darthy 61m Jax arranges to take the club in a different direction. The flirty conversation started with Chloe mistaking Calum's football legend father George for a musician. With an X 43m The club's relationship with the cartel is put in jeopardy when an important package is compromised.

Bajaj was found done to death in the most brutal manner and covered by a sheet on a bed in one of the two bedrooms of his fourth-floor house. Nathan Henry aimed an unimpressed stare at the cameras Seeing red: The reality star looked stoney-faced as he strode along holding hands with pal Zahida In great spirits: Aaron, who is currently on dating show Ex On The Beach. Some Strange Eruption 56m Betrayal inside the Sons leads to a violent skirmish at the port, Jax accuses Lin of killing Tara, and Juice discovers that Gemma has lied to him. Stolen Huffy 46m Complications arise as the Sons band together to face a new adversary. Una Venta 43m While the club makes a run to set up a new business venture, Gemma finds a new ally in Charming. Back home, Gemma is left in a compromising position with the League. 1 22m, in a flashback, Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins are revealed, as Marinette befriends Alya and meets Adrien, a famous model with an overprotective dad. Holding a bottle in her hand, a jubilant Marnie stumbled around barefoot on the Newcastle streets. The brunette beauty looked a tad dazed as she stood on the pavement.

What a Piece of Work Is Man 62m While Jax negotiates with Marks for Bobby's return, Juice plans to kill Lin, and Jarry learns that Gemma made a false accusation. The no doubt horrified cast were rushed out of a fire escape and accompanied by bouncers as they returned to their taxis. Gilead 45m Because the League has some club members behind bars, they must make new alliances in prison to survive. Hands 43m Jax and Tara get a glimpse of life without the club but discover that their reality is hard to escape. The brunette beauty looked typically glamorous in the skintight bodysuit, which she teamed with a nude suede midi skirt. Marinette considers declaring her feelings to Adrien for Valentine's Day, but first they must stop Dark Cupid, a villain bent on eradicating love. Meanwhile, Gemma and Unser find Piney's body. Wendy leaves rehab and finds Juice hiding out at her apartment. Not missing a beat, she asked cheekily: 'Do you fancy us?' which Calum reciprocated with a flirty wink. Ablation 46m Alliances are put to the test, and bonds are broken.

To Be - Act 2 43m Jax must overcome great obstacles as he attempts to finalize the gun deal between the Irish Kings and the cartel. Taking centre-stage: Fellow newbie and ex of current castmate Marty McKenna, Sarah Goodhart wowed in a black mini dress. Patch Over 43m, the club members head to Nevada to help a brother club, the Devil's Tribe, after they receive threats from the Mayans. White Lines When her brother is discovered dead, a Manchester woman leaves her quiet life to travel to Ibiza, where she seeks the truth about his disappearance. Bajaj didn't come to heel like the four conspirators thought he would. 'I thought you looked about.

Smite 44m Charming and its small-town appeal become vulnerable to the League, which finds new ways to provoke members of the Sons of Anarchy. Meanwhile, Kohn's investigation turns personal. Later, Abel's happy homecoming ends in turmoil. Black Widower 76m After Jax leaves prison, he makes revenge for Tara's death a club priority. Fa Guan 42m With the club's adult-film business becoming a hindrance, Clay seizes the opportunity to revive the gun-running cartel.

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They go: "Oh too young for me adding that 35 was a 'perfect' age. Meanwhile, DA Patterson tries to turn Nero on the club. The 21-year-old, geordie Shore star appeared to be in great spirits as she stepped out with her raucous castmates for the fourth night of partying in a row. Rogercop 22m, when he's fired by the mayor, police officer Roger becomes Rogercop, a villain who thinks he's enforcing the law by ruling Paris as a dictator. After scanning Bajaj's call detail records (CDR the police then zeroed in on one Pinky, another alleged call girl, who had been in constant touch with Bajaj on cellphone. The Pull 44m, with the gun payment to the Irish Republican Army looming, the club struggles to come up with the cash. Firinne 46m The Irish Republican Army wants proof that one of their own has flipped - and the Sons of Anarchy intend to give it to them. Taking a tumble: Concerned passersby looked on as the reality star tripped. They all confronted Bajaj, allegedly seeking to blackmail him. Family Recipe 47m mannlig prostituert london www parinka chopra com An important vote gets sidetracked when the Sons of Anarchy are forced to deal with a dangerous external threat against the club.

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Balm 56m With the repo business proving more fruitful than the club ever imagined, Agent Stahl takes notice of the handsome profits. Turning heads: The brunette beauty looked typically glamorous in the skintight bodysuit, which she teamed with a nude suede midi skirt. The police brought everything it had to bear on the case, including the Crime Branch. Sovereign 60m Jax takes charge of the club as a series of events stirs up trouble in Charming. Reflekta 22m Excluded from a class photo, dejected Juleka akumatizes into the villain Reflekta, who turns everyone, including Cat Noir, into copies of herself. The Evillustrator 22m, a fellow student with a crush on Marinette is akumatized into the Evillustrator, a villain that Cat Noir must face without Ladybug. Lochan Mor 58m When the mother club pays a visit to another charter, friction develops between the two groups. Pigeon, a bird lover who has kidnapped all the park keepers in Paris, but Cat Noir's allergies interfere. Christmas in the Wild After her husband leaves her, a stylish New Yorker goes on an African safari alone and finds new purpose in her life.

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Kung Food 22m When his dish at a competition is sabotaged, Marinette's great-uncle chef Wang Cheng becomes Kung Food, who recruits henchmen with his cooking. Empress After escaping from her horrific husband, Queen Emporia and her kids must hide from his army at all costs - even by teleporting to different planets. She tried to cover up her cleavage as she burst into a fit of giggles. Simple accessories: She rocked an understated diamond bracelet and rings. 'Tonight could have been the night!' Chloe admitted before saying it was old news. Marinette can't transform mannlig prostituert london www parinka chopra com into Ladybug when classmate Rose is akumatized into a villain whose perfume lets her control Cat Noir and a visiting prince. In custody now are two men and two women, all apparently deep in the flesh trade before they graduated to murder this month.